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Reg , Gross Receipts The term “sale” includes installment, conditional and credit sales, and includes any transfer of title or possession, segregation in contemplation of transfer of title or possession, exchange, barter, lease or rental, conditional sale, or otherwise in any manner or by any means for a consideration. Any sales tax that is improperly or erroneously collected also belongs to the state and must be remitted. Use tax is not a duplication of the sales tax. The sales tax and the use tax complement each other and together provide a uniform tax upon the sale, lease, rental, storage, use, distribution, or other consumption of tangible personal property and certain specified labor and services. The tangible personal property, labor, and services which are included in the sales and use tax base are described in Reg The use tax is imposed upon the storage, use, distribution, or other consumption of tangible personal property and certain specified labor and services when the purchase of the tangible personal property, labor, or services would be subject to sales tax under Reg Use tax applies whenever the sales tax has not been paid. The burden of proving that any property delivered in Nebraska is delivered for a purpose other than storage, use, distribution, or other consumption in Nebraska is on the person who purchases, leases, or rents the property.

outboard motor

The gear case is considered that part of the outboard below the mid section exhaust housing. The gearcase contains the propeller shaft, the driven and pinion gears, the drive shaft from the powerhead and the water pump. On models equipped with shifting capabilities, the forward and reverse gears, together with the clutch, shift assembly, and related linkage, are all housed within the case. The single most important task for proper gearcase maintenance is inspecting it for signs of leakage after each use.

If oil can get out, then water can get in.

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Before putting the boat away for the season, however, proper winterizing will ensure your rig is ready to go in the spring. There are three general areas that require attention, including the outboard motor and fuel system, boat, and trailer. The stabilizer will prevent fuel decomposition and varnish from building up in the fuel system. Full fuel tanks prevent condensation from forming on the inside of the tanks. In addition, full fuel tanks pose less potential fire risk than tanks that are only partially full.

Start the motor and let it run for minutes to ensure that the stabilized fuel has been distributed to all points in the system, including fuel lines, filters, carburetors, etc. This can be done in the driveway, using a set of muffs and a garden hose to supply water to the intakes, or during the last outing of the season.

Flushing Outboard Motors

For those of you who run a outboard jet on your boat, there is some required maintenance to keep it functioning properly, and to assure that you can remove, adjust or replace needed parts if required. I am are not covering inboard jets in this article. I will not really go into the a lot of details here of history, how it works or installation as it is available on the manufacturers website listed below.

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I bought this for a 9. The product is well-designed, and the frame parts are very solid. The nuts and bolts included are suspect, so I replaced with stainless steel. The directions were probably the worst I have ever seen. The only thing the directions were good for were keeping the nuts and bolts from rolling around so much. It was missing one nut and washer but that didn’t really matter since I replaced them.

How to Hook Up an Electric Fuel Pump on a Johnson Outboard

An outboard marine engine repair manual is a book of instructions, or handbook, for learning how to maintain, service and overhaul the 65HP outboard motor to factory specifications. Fix air in fuel system 65hp power trim tilt unit remove 65hp Suzuki outboard dies under load 75 65hp mercury motor problems evinrude 65hp outboard service manual how to adjust idle on a dt 65hp suzuki out board how to change a timing ring om 65hp evinrude how to set the timing on a suzuki 65hp outboard how to set timing on a suzuki 65hp boat motor.

How to tune 65hp mercury outboard motors idle control on 65hp johnson installing a new imagination switch on mercury 65hp wiring diagram chart colors location of thermostat suzuki dt 65hp mercury 65hp outboard manual mercury jet motor operating manual 65hp mercury model year 2hp to 65hp mercury outboard manual 65hp mercury outboard wiring diagram schematic 65hp with thunder.

Install a Mercury Outboard Motor Mounting a Mercury outboard motor to your boat requires a good eye. Determine the center point, select the correct propeller height, lock the clamps, hook up .

Page last updated July 17, Basic Advice for New Owners of Outboards Before you run an outboard you just bought or one that you are thinking of buying, here are a few tips for new owners. The motor needs the resistance from the water to properly function. If you do find yourself in saltwater, make sure you flush the motor out with those earmuffs to expel harmful saltwater.

It will corrode your engine on the inside, you might not see it, but you will certainly pay a premium retapping bolt holes, replacing corroded parts, cylinder heads, etc. Attach earmuffs and run for about minutes. It is probably best to run as soon as you are out of the water as thermostats are still warm and will open up much faster. Always cover your motor during storage.

This will prevent uneeded moisture collecting in hidden corners, slowly corroding away at that precious metal. Check your charging system with your volt meter on dash panel or through the use of a simple multimeter, measuring the output of the charging system. You should ideally do this in the water prior to heading home. Just hook it up while in neutral and measure the reading on the battery and as the you increase the RPMs to The reading should increase from


Operation[ edit ] The drive unit outdrive carries power from the inboard engine, typically mounted above the waterline, outboard through the transom and downward to the propeller below the waterline. The outdrive resembles the bottom half of an outboard motor and is composed of two sub-units: The boat is steered by pivoting the outdrive, as on an outboard motor ; no rudder is needed.

The outdrive is pivoted up for trailer travel and between uses to avoid fouling. The outdrive can be matched with a variety of engines in the appropriate power range; upper and lower units can often be purchased separately to customize gear ratios and propeller RPM, and lower units are also available with counter-rotating gearing to provide balanced torque in dual-drive installations.

Answer by worker (34) Thethrottle cable off an old lawn mower that will hook on the engine fine with it’s little hook and have a return spring hooked so the throttle will return quickly.

This problem can be very hard to isolate. A significant difference in the readings can help pinpoint a problem where there is no other easy means to do it. If an engine repeatedly blows ignition modules, especially on the same cylinders replace the ignition coils on that cylinder. If the packs totally lose fire on all cylinders, the stator could be sending voltage spikes into the pack destroying it. Cracks, burned areas and bubbles in or on the components indicate a problem.

Any sign of rubbing on the outside of the stator indicate problem in the upper or lower main bearings. Cracked trigger or outer magnets can cause everything from misfiring to no fire at all. Loose flywheel magnets can be dangerous, check the tightness of the bonding adhesive. These can cause problems ranging from a high-speed miss to a total shutdown. An easy check is to disconnect the stator leads to the rectifier Make sure to insulate them and retest.

Outboard Motor Brackets

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Turn Salt-Away Mixing Unit to ‘rinse’ position to begin water flowing through the water jackets. Some engines are required to warm up first to open water jackets. If your engine has this requirement, wait until the thermostat opens the water jackets, then turn valve to the ‘Salt-Away’ position. This position mixes Salt-Away and water to the correct ratio of Salt-Away to water for easily removing salt.

Run engine with Salt-Away flushing through the cooling system. Watch for the Salt-Away foaming action to exit the exhaust. Turn off engine after Salt-Away foaming action has appeared, about seconds, while Salt-Away is still present in the water jackets. It is ok to flush for up to 1 minute.

Mercury outboard motor

The engine weight is recorded at lbs. This is a 4 cylinder model. The displacement for the pistons is The bore for this outboard is 3.

Index – Page 2: Testing Outboards with Minimal Test Equipment All Engines: Intermittent Firing: This problem can be very hard to isolate. A good inductive tachometer (The Fluke 88 is highly recommended) can be used to compare the RPM on all cylinders up through WOT (Wide open throttle).

Suzuki Marine’s Horsepower Outboard Motor Perhaps you’ve noticed we’re in the middle of an all out horsepower war, a fierce competition raging amongst engine companies intent upon building the biggest, most potent outboard motor. In Suzuki outboards broke the horsepower mark with its introduction of a 4. Truth be told, there have been other horsepower outboard motors. But all of them are two-strokes. The first one was a loop charged Evinrude V-8 dating back to the mid 80s.

A veritable giant, it’s cowling top is broad enough to accommodate a patio table and chairs. This outboard motor is long obsolete. News of this direct injected creation came at the same time as the Suzuki DF

Ignition Wiring