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To do so, however, I didn’t know that the receiver needs a “tape monitor” capability, which most modern receivers don’t have. Are there any equalizers that do not need tape monitoring? Of course, the EQ will apply only to the tape deck, not the other components connected to the receiver. If you want to apply an external equalizer such as the graphic EQ shown above to any selected 2-channel input on the receiver, you need a way to send the analog signal out of the receiver to the EQ and then back from the EQ to the receiver. In other words, connect the EQ just as you would a tape deck. In fact, the original function of a tape-monitor function was to let you hear what the tape deck was recording.

How to Supercharge Your Halloween Like a Pro with a Digital Projector

Doug Knight 1 Comment Spread the love Last time, we talked about the power supply requirements for your pedal board. This is a highly controversial topic. I am going to assume never a good thing that you have a basic idea of what capacitance is. One of the definitions is the property of an object to hold a charge. You must also have some knowledge of physics.

It has an inner conductor, where the signal travels, and an outer shield attached to the signal ground.

The net effect of Hook & Loop is that Infor has consistently had the most beautiful interfaces of any technology on the market. I would venture to say that it set the standard for that beauty.

For decades, the electric guitarist has been shackled to the tube amplifier as the only means of achieving “that sound”. This magical combination is by no means ideal – the challenge to achieve a consistent sound from the practice room to the studio, and especially to the stage, continues to frustrate guitarists, just as it has since the early s. The entire process takes you only a minute and can be performed on virtually every guitar and bass amp.

The result is every bit as vivid and dynamic as the original amps. Click to enlarge We use proprietary digital technology to analyze the sonic DNA of your amp. Now, you can go way beyond the boundaries of the original amp and tweak everything to your liking. Use the gain control and equalizer to adapt the sound to your guitar. Add power sagging to the distortion and tweak the power of your pick attack without compression.

Equalizers and Tape Monitoring

Speaker Connections for proper impedance match A note about amplifiers: You should always use the recommended load for your amplifier. However, if you must use a load other than the recommended load, here is a short guide. Most solid-state amplifiers would rather look at an open circuit no speaker at all than a load.

Therefore, you can usually use a load that is higher than the recommended load. Do not use a lower impedance load, as this could cause serious damage to your SS amp.

Mobile, battery powered, and filled with a diverse selection of flagship-quality BOSS amps and effects, the ME is the ideal compact tone processor for performing guitarists.

Although this design has been around for a long time, it is only gaining popularity now due to the recent improvement in high power antenna tuners. The main purpose of constructing this omni directional antenna is to provide a multi band antenna which performs well from the lowest frequency band for which it is designed, all the way through 10 meters. It will usually even work well on 6 meters if your tuner and balun will handle that band.

It must be understood that an antenna tuner trans match will be necessary for use as a multi – bander, as well as the use of twin lead feed line. I recommend ohm ladder window line as the feed line. See bottom of this page for types of twin lead available. It is a Voltage Balun, but is of good design, and works well. How long to make it. To cut the antenna wire length to resonance we use the formula: For a meter loop, divided by 1.

This is due to the slightly decreased velocity factor of insulated wire. The length of the feed line ohm ladder line may require some final adjustment or it may become part of the loop and serve as a radiator. My loop is feet of insulated wire with a 28 foot lead in, and is resonant slightly below the bottom of the meter band.


How To Setup Audio Effects Send and returns are additive functions of mixing sound and setting up effect units can be confusing. However, after reviewing this article you to can master the advances of adding sweet effects to your entire church sound. Using audio sends and returns, on a soundboard, is very helpful in adding features such as; compression , reverb , delay , gates and many other effects. How To Setup Effects Through Sends One of the easiest ways of hooking up channel effects is through the use of auxiliaries.

Here you can decide how much of that single instrument or vocal will be sent to the effect unit. In church worship, the most common effects used are typically reverb and delay units.

To find a product model or manufacturer, first try using your browser’s Find command on this page, then try the Search page. If you find this information useful, please mention so other people learn this information and it becomes standard knowledge throughout the industry – the result will be new, cool kinds of gear for you to use.

For identification, telephone subscribers were assigned a telephone number unique to each circuit. Various methods evolved to signal the desired destination telephone number for a telephone call directly dialed by the subscriber. An automatic switch-hook was designed by Hilborne Roosevelt. But the use of separate keys with separate conductors to the exchange was not practical. The most common signaling system became a system of using direct-current pulse trains generated in the telephone sets of subscribers by interrupting the single-pair wire loop of the telephone circuit.

Rotary dial[ edit ] Strowger also filed the first patent for a rotary dial in The first dials worked by direct, forward action. The pulses were sent as the user rotated the dial to the finger stop starting at a different position for each digit transmitted. Operating the dial error-free required smooth rotary motion of the finger wheel by the user, but was found as too unreliable. This mechanism was soon refined to include a recoil spring and a centrifugal governor to control the recoil speed.

The user selected a digit to be dialed by inserting a finger into the corresponding hole and rotated the dial to the finger stop. When released from this position, the dial pulsing contacts were opened and closed repeatedly, thus interrupting the loop current in a pattern on the return to the home position. The exchange switch decoded the pattern for each digit thus transmitted by stepping relays or by accumulation in digit registers.

Pulse rate and coding[ edit ] In the first electromechanical switching systems the current pulses generated by the rotary dial on the local loop directly operated electrical stepping switches at the central office.

Infor Innovation Analyst Summit I totally get it and yet, I don’t see it

It is designed for portability, and can be assembled or disassembled in about a minute. When disassembled the antenna easily fits in a suitcase or backpack. The Wonder Loop is the perfect antenna for picnic table or hotel room operation, or for home station use where outside antennas are not permitted and attic antennas not possible. It needs no supporting mast, and no counterpoises or ground connections are required.

Tuning is quick and easy. Performance is within an S-point or two of a dipole and better than many of the antennas often used in temporary or compromise locations.

QUESTION: I have a question on the setup of a Decimator G Sting Pedal. I’m trying to use the decimator in the effects loop and in front of the amp.

Thanks so much for the advice. And for what it’s worth, I have not spent “untold thousands. When I started playing the guitar twelve years ago, I decided immediately that I wanted to sell my crappy student guitar and buy one very good vintage guitar and one very good vintage amp. I worked a spare job and saved, all the while shopping for the best possible deals on both hint – become friends with veteran musicians who don’t know how to manage their money. In other words, ‘veteran musicians’.

I then waited a couple of years to find the perfect trades for those initial instruments, which I parlayed into a larger collection of vintage instruments and pedals. I continued in this vein for several years until I was able to build the collection I have now, which also includes multiple guitars, ukes, horns and a gorgeous upright piano that used to belong to a famous person. In other words, I bought low and sold high, over and over, such that my initial investment in that great guitar and amp have essentially paid for all of the gear I’ve acquired since.

So while I’m happy to say I have thousands of dollars worth of gear, I have not spent thousands of dollars. And I couldn’t care less what it’s worth anyway – I’ll have most of it until the day I die. So my advice to newbies reading this thread is this: Don’t waste time on tons of threads reading about new technologies that aren’t going to make you a better musician.


Hooks range from small to large and are defined by “sizes” and “aughts. Well, fishing hooks hook fish, of course. That might sound stupid, but as you will see there are a number of different shaped hooks, and if you intend to release a fish without harming it, you might want to choose what’s called a “circle” hook. But if you’re trolling a long piece of squid or a live threadfin sardine or goggle-eye bait for marlin in tropical waters, that same circle hook will slip out of the fish’s mouth nine times out of ten exciting strikes.

So a hook is used to catch fish, but if you have no intentions of keeping it at all, pick what we call “circle” hooks. More on that in the next section.

Roller coaster elements are the individual parts of roller coaster design and operation, such as a track, hill, loop, or turn. Variations in normal track movement that add thrill or excitement to the ride are often called “thrill elements” or “thrill factor”.

It shows on the picture by the two AC outputs 7 and 8. I cannot find a download for the manual so I cannot confirm that both of these AC outputs are milliamps but this is what it looks like from the data on their website. Will this damage the unit? The amp comes with FX loop but currently my new setup is running everything upfront. I only want to gate my drive pedals and vibe. The pedals in use are as below:

How to use a guitar amp FX loop