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What is unique about us? We insist on showing both the strengths and challenges of the entrepreneurs we work with. Our team of experienced investors and entrepreneurs offers a unique form of investor engagement opportunities. The businesses are in different stages and have very different investment needs, but have one common denominator: Contact us for a quote. Our experienced and dedicated matchmaking team offers personalized matchmaking services between entrepreneurs and investors.

5 amazing matchmaking sites for startups to connect with investors online

What is an angel? The most heavenly of financial bodies: Angels’ desire for control varies widely.

SICTIC Angel Club yields successful results. Members invested in at least 17 start-ups and realised 8 exits. Member base grew from 99 to The Swiss Fintech Investor Day is a matchmaking event where 12 Swiss Fintech startups pitch to find experienced smart money investors.

A painful duty – Exposing the British and Irish connection. What happened to my money? All fraud victims should read this. What e-mail services do the fraud criminals favour? Recently we have seen an increase in reports of very dubious loan and investment offers. Don’t let criminals fool you into sending an advance fee for an imaginary loan. Examples of fake names and titles used in suspicious e-mails follow.

Fraud criminals will often use the names of real companies in their junk mail. These companies are victims insofar as their reputations suffer at the hands of the scammers.

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Aisle, the Bangalore-based matchmaking startup closed a INR 1. Ventures , with investments from key angel investors like Mekin Maheshwari and Anand Chandrasekaran Wednesday, January 27, This round was notable for a number of reasons. Founded in by Able Joseph, Aisle. Given its strong filtering and operating procedure, it has been gaining strong traction and following over the course of the last 2 years. The company plans to primarily utilize the funds raised in this round for building a strong team and effective partnerships Aisle.

Are you an investor / angel looking for promising projects and industry leaders? Seize your opportunities to learn about projects’ prospects and investment dimensions from project owners and industry leaders! Are you a project owner / startup / SME looking for investors and business par.

Binu Paul 11 October, Betterhalf. Founded by Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT alumni Pawan Gupta and Rahul Namdev in , Betterhalf said it uses AI to help professionals find each other through compatibility scores based on multiple relationship dimensions and their interactions on the product. The company claims to leverage AI based on relationship data of couples worldwide and provide a combination of a personalised experiences, a targeted subset of matches, and quick turnaround time to find compatible partners.

According to a stock-exchange filing by matchmaking portal Matrimony. Banihal, another match making product based on AI, employs a neuroscience engine that collects users’ data based on personality-related questions that the user answers to find matches. Founded in and based out of India and the US, Banihal has a high-profile backer in the form of Stanford University professor David Cheriton, the man who wrote Google its first cheque when it was just starting out.

It also has data analytics algorithms to track consumer trends to assist in driving monetisation of its user-base as the company follows a freemium model just like rivals such as Shaadi and Jeevansathi. A few dating apps have received venture capital funding in recent times.

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How do you find the entrepreneurs and innovators in Africa who need investment funding to scale? There are really two big issues at stake. First, how to find the right people. Second, what funding level is needed.

Challenge Center Marketplace Collaboration Matchmaking Collaboration Center Log out. Get Inspired. Innovation Digest. The Top 7 Robotics Competitions for Search for an Investor in These 5 Cases. Check Out Engineerex’s Highlights MAIN Partners with Orascom Development.

Tweet How to find an Angel Investor Approaching affiliated angels contacts you know is simply a matter of phoning to make an appointment. To look for non-affiliated angels individuals not already known to you , try these proven methods: The business opportunity section of your local newspaper or financial magazine is an excellent place to advertise for investors. Classified advertising is inexpensive, simple, quick and effective.

Business brokers know hundreds of people with money who are interested in buying businesses. Firstly, you get a list of wealthy individuals in your area.

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Jason 16, points If I don’t know the investor, and the finder finds him, and sets up the appointment, why should it be free? What would motivate the finder to go ahead and find the investor? Google charges money for referring me to a website I was searching for. They don’t charge me, the charge the website, but they do make money that way. As for who pays, it matters, since if the investor pays, then he ends up spending more money for the same amount of equity, but if the startup pays, then they get less money for the equity they give.

Investor Profiles contain additional information about the fund or angel, in-depth ticket-size analysis and links to partners’ LinkedIn profiles. Founders have, at-a-glance, all the information they need to fast-track their fundraise; they can add profiles to their Favorites and export their Investor .

The site is called Angelsoft. This seems to be a fairly robust collaboration platform designed for both entrepreneurs and investors. The site has two sides; if you’re an entrepreneur, this is a good way for you to find either angel investors or venture capitalists who might be interested in investing in your idea. If you’re an investor, I think this will be an excellent source of new entrepreneurs who have that great idea that’s going to make you billions.

So let’s take a look at each side of this house. I click on the Find Investors button on the upper-right side of the page. Using this website, I can narrow down the type of investors I’m looking for. Right now there are a potential 1, venture capitalists or angel investors who are willing to give me money. But I can narrow down the field by selecting from a series of drop-down menus. And let’s say for this example that I’m in the telecommunications industry.

So those choices brings us down to about 15 investors. Next the site asks me to list the last milestone in my business. Do I have a full product ready to take to market? Maybe it’s just a prototype or a product in development.

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Actually numbers and locations are just the beginning. The challenge is to find the right angel for your, and for your situation. Here are some basic principles:

4 Tips for Entrepreneurs Looking for Angel Investment. John P. Muldoon / March 29, Although the venture capital industry is now well developed in Ireland, angel (or sophisticated) investing is still playing catch up. Matchmaking (And Maybe Money) For Entrepreneurs & Investors.

Mukund Mohan 15 Comments This post is the first in a series that I am planning to do on fund raising. Getting money from investors of any type is hard. Dont be fooled by stories of entrepreneurs talking to investors and getting checks in 10 minutes. Those are truly black swan events. The first thing you have to realize is that you need to develop an comprehensive plan and strategy to raise your series A.

For purposes of this discussion lets call series A, as your first institutional round. If any of those criteria are not met, dont bother trying to raise money in this environment.

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Or consider the arts organization that wanted to raise venture capital dollars for an avant garde art project that they acknowledged had no prospects for revenue or growth beyond an admittedly cool initial exhibition. Then there were the myriad business startups that wanted to raise charitable dollars for their unambiguously commercial projects e. With this problem in mind, I decided to create a simple new tool for thinking about capital-opportunity matchmaking.

The Capital Opportunity Framework plots a source of capital funding based on two basic variables:

Hub Invest is a startup investment program by The Hub and Danske Bank. The program is directed for startups from pre-seed to seed stage, from all industries. We will prepare you for your funding round and help you connect with a wide range of angel investors at a matchmaking event in January in Helsinki, Finland.

Back in March, Betabeat told you about mounting exasperation among local entrepreneurs toward New York Angels, the dotcom legacy investing group circa run by its venerable chairman David S. Rose is trying to adapt to these modern times through AngelSoft, the New York company he founded in to make software for investors to help them manage deal flow and collaborate with investors.

Along with the pivot, AngelSoft will change its name to Gust. See, thinking like a startup already. The idea is that investors will use the software to seek out new opportunities, track portfolios, and weed through requests. Gust will also have features for startups to privately post their progress and manage relationships with investors. AngelList founder Naval Ravikant told Bloomberg that 12, startups have applied since he launched in February, , including 68 just yesterday.

But perhaps the better question might be whether a standardized online platform can compete with the proliferating stream of hackathons, incubators, and accelerators that help expose investors to startups and vice versa.

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Tommi has been running Blueprint Genetics since the beginning and is responsible for sales management, business development, finance and administration. Tommi holds a M. Tech from the Helsinki University of Technology where he studied business strategy and applied mathematics. The Bellabeat team is behind the Leaf health tracking jewelry for women – one of the best mobile products of according to Digital Trends; Spring, the first smart water bottle powered by AI and Shell, the innovative non-invasive fetal heart monitor.

In Urska was chosen by Forbes as ambassador of the Technology field for their first European 30 under 30 list.

• Ability of angel investor to maintain its ownership percentage (with increased investment) as company raises financing over time • May require minimum threshold of stockholdings to be eligible (i.e.

Growth Through Acquisition Growth through acquisition is one of the strategies for diversification and market positioning. Practiced by successful companies at all levels, growth through acquisition helps in securing more market share, man force and revenue. A tool of market consolidation, it offers the acquiring company a chance to consolidate its hold and keep market dominance. An important principle of market economy, growth through acquisition not only propels a company to a major position, but also earns rich dividend for share holders of the acquired company.

Its importance is demonstrated from the fact that nowadays various companies are on acquisition spree worldwide to grow their market revenue. Meaning of Growth Through Acquisition The rising importance of growth through acquisition is demonstrated from the fact that it has decimated political and geographical boundaries and become a worldwide phenomenon. Growth through acquisition refers to acquisitions of one company by another. It can be merger or taking over of control.

Growth through acquisition is categorized into three areas, upstream, downstream, or lateral. In upstream acquisition, a smaller company in order to ensure market consolidation seek merger with a bigger company operating in the same field on the basis certain conditions.

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